Vanja Babić

Born in Zagreb, 1984. Went to Mechanical Engineering School “Faust Vrančić“, and Polytechnic of Zagreb, Department of telecomunications.

Studied on the Academy of fine arts Zagreb, finished the B.A. Department of Animation and New media in 2011. and graduated with highest honor the M.A. of New media in 2013. Works as an
assistant at the Academy of fine arts Zagreb.

Art work was exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in Zagreb, Vienna and London; awarded with two rector awards for group project and acknowledgement for the best student in the generation at Academy of fine arts; winner of Essl Art Award 2013 and got a special prize in the competition ‘‘Energy 2012’’.

Work that he does is often based on the principles of social practice, questioning the everyday boundaries that infiltrate individual ways of living. His own experience is his main inspiration and motive, and he finds the need for intervention in everyday situations. Work is for him an honest reaction on the enviroment in which he lives and he want to point the problems in the system.

Vanja Babić was a resident of Akademie Schloss Solitude from October to December 2017.