Open Platform

Open Platform

If you have an idea or a programme in the field of contemporary art or some youth activity, you can feel at home in Pogon.

In addition to the multifunctional space, you will also have access to various Pogon’s resources to help you implement your idea/programme or activity.

The users who have already made themselves at home in Pogon mostly come from the following fields:

  • contemporary art and culture,
  • educational and information programmes vital for improving the quality of life of young people and youth work,
  • educational programmes aimed at developing the capacities of civil society organizations in the culture and youth sector.

Or simply put – every year we help to implement over one hundred different events in all spheres of culture and art (exhibitions, theatre and dance performances, new circus performances, concerts, lectures, public forums, workshops and seminars, the list is not exhaustive) and host 150 workshops and seminars, which is not a small feat. Rehearsals, productions, art residencies, meetings; there are so many of these we can’t even count them.

Many famous faces of both the domestic and international scene visit us, but even more important to us are the many young artists who are yet to be recognized - we feel proud when we can help them achieve this.

Every year, about 8,000 people of all generations pass through Pogon. Thanks to the support we provide to our users, their programmes are affordable for visitors and free of charge whenever possible. In cooperation with our users, we also carry out activities aimed at audience development.