Berlin, the promised city – a report from a call center

Berlin, the promised city – a report from a call center

"Berlin, the promised city – a report from a call center“ is an interactive sound installation created as part the author's art participatory research project on life and work in Berlin, migration, identity and belonging.

By moving through 9 installation stations that are 9 adapted office telephones, that are also chapters of the audio-documentary, visitors will be able to listen to short clips from 13 interviews conducted by the artist with expats, international workers in the call center in Berlin, in Croatian, Serbian and the English language. She edited the collected narrative into an audio collage and set it in a darkened ambience that audio-visually evokes the Berlin Ubahn underground tube.

The project is realised in the partnership with the art organisation Otvoreni likovni pogon from Zagreb and NGO Mavena- 36 njezinih čuda from Split.

The project was developed at the Institute for Art in Context of the Berlin University of the Arts within the colloquium “Intervene and Experiment in Public and Social Space” supervised by Kristina Leko.

The project is realised as part of Pogon's Participatory Season 2020 within the project All for Pogon, Pogon for All! and is part-funded by the European Social Fund.