In order to truly make Pogon a vital place for the ones who want to organize an event in its premises, for professional community, as well as for the general public, we are developing programmes aimed at involving Croatian artists in artistic production and distribution. We are also implementing programmes aimed at young people and audience development.

International Cultural Cooperation

With its activities in the international, primarily European scene, through its involvement in various projects, Pogon contributes to networking and enables collaboration between Croatian and international artists. As the organization that manages the space of the former Jedinstvo factory, Pogon is an affiliate of the Trans Europe Halles Network. Pogon participates in various international discussions on the role of culture in present-day Europe.


Pogon is located in Staro Trnje (“Old“ Trnje), a blue-collar neighbourhood with a rich history of unrealized city plans. For this reason it is often perceived as a space scarcely touched by urbanization. However, the elderly residents see it as “Zagreb as it used to be“. Not waiting for the comprehensive solutions for this area, the former Jedinstvo factory imposed itself as the essential place for the creation and presentation of independent culture and youth, in which Močvara, Pogon and DB Indoš have operated for years. With its cultural activity, Pogon contributes to the development of the neighbourhood, at the same time trying to be a good neighbour and host to the residents of Staro Trnje.