Zagreb's contemporary performance scene is largely the result of work of art organizations and associations, informal groups, professionals and “amateurs“ from the field of independent cultural production. These groups operate in very unfavourable conditions, incomparable to those of their colleagues working in public theatres and other institutions.

Given that the mission of Pogon is to support the development of contemporary independent culture and art, we have launched Pogonator – a programme that deals precisely with this segment of independent performing arts and cultural mediation.

Pogonator is a programme that functions as an incubator of independent contemporary dance and theatre. It provides spatial, programme, technical and promotional support for the projects implemented in Pogon Jedinstvo's Big Hall. Pogonator includes recent Croatian productions, art research programmes and performances of domestic productions in the domain of contemporary progressive theatre, contemporary dance, new circus and experimental hybrid and research projects.

Pogonator is made up of individuals’ and groups’ artistic projects that, through their activity, create a critical space for questioning the established norms of the artistic activity, as well as for the wider reflections on society, create new art forms and ways of communicating with the audience. The programme includes the already established authors and groups, as well as young people at the beginning of their creative development. In this way, Pogonator also functions as a platform that provides young artists with a relevant context and encourages collaboration with other artists and groups of different generations.

The implementation of Pogonator began in 2015. Pogonator is co-funded by the City of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture and Media.