Regional Cultural Action Laboratory – or Reg Lab – is Kooperativa’s program, envisioned to help and support independent cultural organizations and initiatives in Southeast Europe (SEE).

The program is aimed at helping organizations and initiatives in crisis and emergency situations by supporting urgent reactions, campaigns and activist actions. The program also aims to empower independent cultural actors’ advocacy activities.

Reg Lab provides solidarity support to organizations and initiatives focused on building advocacy capacities of the independent cultural scene. Besides financial support, the program offers Kooperativa’s support and expertise.

REG:LAB is implemented by six partner organisation: Kooperativa as a leading partner, Anibar (Kosovo), Društvo Asociacija (Slovenia), NKSS (Serbia), Jadro Association | Јадро Асоцијација | Jadro Asociacioni (North Macedonia), Operacija grad (Croatia) & OKC Abrašević (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The exchange creates the framework for first-time program collaborations, while also opening up the possibility for an intensified collaboration with other cultural centres from the European Union. Within the REG.LAB project, diverse formats of programme exchanges are envisaged, focused on audience engagement and participatory models of (artistic) action, from specifically designed participatory art projects with the local community to meetings with the audience.

In addition, Pogon participates in the transfer of knowledge and experience of the institution established based on a model of civil-public partnership, as well as in the implementation of a regional technical production workshop.

REG.LAB is co-financed by Creative Europe through the programme “Cultural Cooperation Projects in the Western Balkans”.

More information on Reg.lab.