The intention of the project UPGRADE – Towards a Sustainable Spatial Infrastructure was to create a platform of organizations which would search for systemic solutions to the issue of inadequate spatial infrastructure faced by independent culture and civil society organizations in Zagreb.

The Platform aims to upgrade its activities in this field by conceptualizing an innovative model, defining current needs and providing conditions for establishing a socio-cultural centre as an integral model that would meet the needs of a wider civil society and local community.

This is a long-term process that, on the one hand, implies the strengthening of local actors and the platform for the purpose of advocating the change, and on the other it enables and encourages the creation of a positive social and political context for the implementation of the platform.

For this purpose, the Platform included new members in its operation and came up with activities that will influence the external context. These activities primarily refer to the advocacy implemented through the organization of public events and campaigns, mapping and studying the potential of the unused city’s spatial resources, as well as further work on the model of governance and use of the future socio-cultural centre.

Joint work of the member organizations of the Platform has led to the concept of a socio-cultural centre in Zagreb with a prominent intercultural element. This led to the creation of the Intercultural Social Centre, the model and governance structure of which are currently being prepared. In order to inform and include the public and citizens in this process, the Platform initiated the campaign Zagreb: an Open City? which, through numerous media activities and cultural, artistic and social events, examines the openness of the city and envisions it in the future.

The Platform is coordinated by the Alliance Operation City, and besides Pogon and member organizations of the Alliance, the Platform also includes Taste of Home, Green Network of Activist Groups and Centre for Peace Studies.