Ivana Balabanova: Code #9

Ivana Balabanova: Code #9

Centar Jadro in collaboration with Pogon presents an interdisciplinary performance by choreographer and dancer Ivana Balabanova and a composer Alessandro Olla.

An attempt to understand 9 types of darkness. Interdisciplinary performance that explores internal, as well as external factors that relate to dark, engaging the audience in an audiovisual journey through time and space

Ivana Balabanova (1992) is a dancer, choreographer and interdisciplinary artist from Skopje, North Macedonia. Her experience is broad in both the aspects of creation and cultural management. As an artist who courageously explores the possibilities with the team, space, art forms, always creating strong visuals for the audience, sometimes with the act and bodies of the dancers, and sometimes helped by technology.

So far, she has created a lot of pieces, such as: "Rising" - 2013 (Dance Fest, Skopje), "Pieces" (The rooftop of the building"Makedonska Falanga", 2016), "Silence" - (National Ballet, 2018), "Ether" - Audiovisual performance (YCC, 2019), "Apoptosis" - (YCC, 2019), "Her own space" - with the composer Alessandro Olla (Dance Fest, 2020), "The Conversation Chair" - choreodrama (YCC, 2021), etc.

In June 2019, she performed at the "Festival of choreographers" in Sofia, Bulgaria, in
September 2019 at the "Choreographic Miniatures" in Belgrade, Serbia, and in August 2021 she has been part of a residency program in Barcelona working on a new piece with Alessandro Olla. In august 2021 she performed the piece “Her own space” in Berlin, as one of the 7 artist at “Platform 14” Festival, and in September in Belgrade, Serbia with her piece “The conversation chair”.

She was selected as a participant for a residential program with the British Council in North Macedonia and developed her own “Playable theatre” performance.
She is currently working on the second part of her latest piece RAW which is a replica of her writings about life, and she has performed studio #1 version of the piece at the “Beatrix Dance League Festival” in October.

Within her academic studies, she has been involved in many performances with Adrijana Dancevska, Yotam Peled, Simon Kuban, Risima Risimkin, Richard Nyeoczym, etc.

She is the founder of Beatrix Cultural Center, within which she works with young dancers and continues to contribute to the local dance community. As an innovator in the field, she is the artistic director of many platforms for education and performing, such as: Beatrix Dance League camp and festival (International dance festival), Beatrix Specials (Open dance workshops for the local community), Beatrix Dance Caravan (A caravan intended to decentralize the knowledge in dance from the capital to the periferia), Contemporary - urban choreographic miniatures (A festival for contemporary-street pieces) and many others.